Structure Your Content For Better Search Results

The structure of your marketing content on your website is very important for your SEO results. When content is structured in a way that is clear, concise, and well structured, the chances for you to be ranked near the top Google will increase. Here, we’ll go over why content structure is so important.


Content Scanning

Before you decide to read anything longer than a paragraph, I’m sure you are like most people and do a quick scan over the content. You do this to get a brief snapshot of th subject matter prior to devoting your time and effort.

Even when you have no intention of reading an article you may do a quick scan of the headers and sub-header. You instinctively do this because; you know that the headers are important. Headers and sub-headers are really important, as is the first and last paragraphs of well written content. Some even go so far as to read the first sentence of every paragraph because they know that this is where the meat of the content may lie.


How do the bots at Google, Bing, and the others “scan” your content?

Probably very similar to the same way you probably do. Most search engines like Google will use Content, Links and User Friendliness as their top three ranking factors. Out of these top 3 factors, the most important is “content”. Three ways a search bot may use “content” structure in its results:

1)    Clarity. Clarity is measured by semantic closeness. Semantic closeness measures the spread structure between related words.

2)    Structure. Structure refers to the “Headings” and how each relates to the corresponding paragraph’s content.

3)    Synonyms. Synonym recognition capabilities are relatively new to the search world.

As you can see by setting up the content with a clear and concise structure, your visible online content will most likely be the beneficiary of higher search results after the bots crawl it.


Focus on content structure to increase your SEO ranking

The structure of your content should follow a certain flow.  You will want to “Keep It Simple” and not over complicate it.

  • Title
  • Header 1
  • Introduction
  • Header 2
  • Paragraph/Body
  • Header 2
  • Paragraph/Body
  • Header 2/3
  • Conclusion


Headers should be and/or include “keywords”. This allows your audience to review prior to reading. You want your headers to help your target audience be able to recognize that the article represents information that will help them.



Paragraphs need to be clear and concise. Your number one target audience is the search bots. Therefore, you are writing to the search bots first and your target audience second. This means that you will want to keep it simple and structured.



The first sentence of each paragraph is the most important. It sets the stage for the remainder of the paragraph. Therefore, it should include the keywords that your target audience is looking for.



The “Conclusion” is where you make your argument to the target audience. You should use the facts that were laid out throughout the article and base your results on those facts. This is where you make your point/argument and attempt to sway the reader to your view of the information that has been presented.

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